Nine steps to Transfiguration (fragments) - Edward Artemiev

16 March 2020
Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory | 13/6 Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street, Moscow
Playlist: Nine steps to Transfiguration (fragments), soundtracks

Moscow Chamber Choir will perform fragments of mess “Nine steps to Transfiguration” by Edward Artemiev in Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory 16th March. Sergey Skripka – conductor. Concert include "Dies Irae", "Agnus Dei", "Tuba Mirum" fragments and Artemiev's soundtracks.

“Nine steps to Transfiguration” premiered in October 2018 in Tchaikovsky Concert Hall in Moscow. Mess dedicated creator of Moscow Chamber Choir – Vladimir Minin. Artemiev started to write this peace of music at 80’s .