"Soloists of Venice" will take a concert in a memory of Claudio Scimone

Claudio Scimone, the founder of ensemble "Soloists of Venice" and a brilliant reviver of lost Italian works, died 6 september in his birthplace, Padua.
Among other notable achievements, Scimone gave the first modern performance of Rossini’s Mosè in Egitto and made a premier recording of the Clementi symphonies with the Philarmonia Orchestra in London.

Scimone was the conductor Moscow Chamber Choir on the concert in may 2018 in Italia. The choir sang Rossini’s “Stabat Mater”. Conductor Vladimir Minin and choir members are express condolences to Simone’s family.

According to Colta.ru 30th October and 28 November in Big Hall of Conservatory "Soloists of Venice" will open the festival of Julian Sitkovetsky.