Mozart. Requiem (2006)

Mozart. Requiem (2006)
Secrets of many brilliant past music pieces were revealed much later than they were written - often, it happens through the centuries. Many of them are not disclosed at this time and cause of it is not only the loss of music or composer's complex ideas, were incomprehensible to the ordinary audience. The great importance is the mastery of musicians and conductor's ability to understand the depth of artistic conception to feel its "unearthly" beauty. Not only to feel, but also to inoculate musicians and inhabitants, to give them a different perspective – a chance to look through the eyes of genius. This is the reason why that masterpieces should be listened only masters' performances. That's why this CD with last, mysterious and enigmatic work of the great Mozart, is unique.

His "Requiem" was written on the border of the material and spiritual worlds. Undoubtedly, composer had a premonition that his soul will transit into the world of spirits.

For Moscow State Chamber Choir conducted by Vladimir Minin, State Chamber Orchestra "Virtuosos of Moscow", young soprano Julia Lezhnyova, mezzo-soprano Margarita Nekrasova (soloist of "Novaya Opera" theater), tenor Maxim Pasteur (soloist of the Bolshoi Theater) and Minin's Choir bass Dmitry Beloselsky it was a honor to perform the Austrian genius' legendary creation. Because each performance is unique - like a spark of inspiration or truth that parted for a moment – Russian version of immortal "Requiem" may be the most familiar interpretation of this great work, comprehensible to each Russian soul.

Mozart. REQUIEM d-moll, KV-626 for soloists, choir and orchestra (arranged by F. Beyer)

1. Requiem aeternam
2. Kyrie eleison

3. Dies irae
4. Tuba mirum
5. Rex tremendae majestatis
6. Recordare, Jesu pie
7. Confutatis maledictis
8. Lacrimosa dies illa

9. Domine Jesu
10. Hostias
11. Sanctus
12. Benedictus
13. Agnus Dei

14. Lux aeterna
15. Ave verum