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  • 28.11.2019 14 December - Opening concert of «Blue Hall»

    MININ-CHOIR cultural center has a new stage. Soloists of the Moscow regional Philharmonic, of the Russian national orchestra and artists of the youth program of the Bolshoi Theatre will perform at the Opening Concert.

  • 30.10.2019 Vladimir Rubin passed away

    Composer Vladimir Rubin died in Moscow at the age of 95

  • 24.10.2019 Vladimir Minin - the guest of “the Main role”

    The Creator of the Moscow chamber choir Vladimir Minin was a guest of Julian Makarov's program

  • 02.10.2019 Gia Kancheli passed away

    People's artist of the USSR Gia Kancheli died in Tbilisi at age of 85 years.

  • 30.08.2019 Vladimir Putin awarded the creator of the Moscow Chamber Choir

    Minin was awarded for “a great contribution to the development of national culture and art and many years of fruitful activity”


Vladimir Minin

Creator of the Moscow State                          Academic Chamber Choir.

Born on January 10, 1929 in Leningrad. In 1945 he graduated from the Moscow Choral School. In 1949 received from his teacher A.V. Sveshnikov invitation to work in the State Choir of the USSR. In 1950 graduated from the conducting and choral faculty, and in 1957 - graduate school of the Moscow Conservatory. In 1951 became the artistic director and chief conductor of the Song and Dance Ensemble of the Northern Group Soviet army troops in Poland. In 1958 headed the State Honored Chapel of Moldova "Doina", for the successful leadership of which received in 1961 the title of Honored Artist Moldavian SSR. In 1965 he became artistic director and chief conductor of the Leningrad Academic Russian Choir Chapel. M.I. Glinka.


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