Taneev: “After the reading the psalm”

20 May 2019 г. | начало в 19:00
Tchaikovsky Concert Hall, Moscow | Tverskaya st., 31/4, Moscow, 125047
Playlist: Taneev, By reading the psalm
Moscow Chamber Choir will be singing cantata “After the reading the psalm” by Sergei Taneev at 20th May in Tchaikovsky Concert Hall in Moscow. In concert will be involving “Russian National Orchestra” and conductor Mikhail Pletnev and chamber choir “Rossinka” from St. Peterburg. Solo parts will be performing Alina Yarovaya (soprano), Igor Morozov (tenor), Agunda Kulaeva (mezzo-soprano), Petr Migunov (bass).

Cantata “After the reading the psalm” dedicated to Taneev’s mother – Varvara Pavlovna was created in September 1914. Taneev used the same name poem of Alexey Homyakov - it’s an interpretation of 49th David’s psalm. Varvara Pavlovna read this poem in Taneev’s childhood.