Founder, Artistic Director (1972-2019), President

Vladimir Minin

Vladimir MININ

Artictic director, conductor from 1972 to 2019
“Minin is not only a brilliant choirmaster, wielding the mystery of the human voice, a virtuoso conductor who is able to achieve a perfect ensemble, but, most importantly, a true artist, who thinks problematically, large and thoroughly at the same time, feels the proportionality of the proportions of the urgent and everlasting complex choral scores of both classical and modern music ... Minin never conflicts with the nature of a musical work, no matter where it is created. Just as the plant, so that it does not die, takes it with a piece of the mother's land, so Minin takes the work, without shaking off the soil of the culture and traditions that fed him, and “transplant” it to the Russian soil, under the fertile rains of the Russian choral school. And then the music of Vivaldi, Mozart, Rossini becomes not only a phenomenon of our life, but this phenomenon itself, by virtue of its originality, becomes a driving force in world art. ” V. Gavrilin.

Artistic director

Timofei Golberg


Born in 1991 in Nizhny Novgorod, Timofei Golberg began to learn music when he was five.
In 2005 he graduated from the "Camerton" choral studio and enrolled in the Nizhny Novgorod Music College named after M. Balakirev to the department of choral conducting.
In September 2014 became the winner of the II degree IV at All-Russian competition of choral conductors named after V. Popov, in 2015 - winner of the I prize at II All-Russia Music Competition in the category "Choral Conducting" (Moscow), he also worked as conductor of the orchestra "Nizhny Novgorod Teachers".
Since 2016 - conductor of the Moscow State Academic Chamber Choir.

Minin Choir

Our collective's full name is
The Moscow State Academic Chamber Choir,
but musicians and audience called us simple – "Minin's Choir". In these two words - the quintessence of more than four decades of Maestro Minin's tireless work.

Choir's repertoire includes works of different genres:
from folk songs to contemporary music,
from Baroque to popular musicals and operas.

  • Collective tours in Russia and in dozens of countries all around the world.
  • Premieres in each concert season.
  • Performing with the best orchestras, Russian and world opera stars.
  • Perfect artistic taste and stylistic precision!
  • Constant search and innovation!
  • The fifth generation of artists!

Moscow Chamber Choir's discography contains more than 30 albums.

In 2011, the broadcasting company NHK recorded the "The Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom" (2011) and "All-Night Vigil" (2013) and named these works reference.

Choir soloists

  • Eugenia Sorokina (soprano)

    Her repertoire contains a lot of solo parts in W. A. Mozart's "Requiem" and "Excultate, Jubilate", J. Heidn's "Mass of war times", G. Verdi's "Sacred choirs", J. Brams' "Guten Abend", L. Bernstein's "West Side story" and "Chichester psalms", S. Rakhmaninov's "We are singing for you", G. Sviridov's "Strekotunia-beloboka" and "Tell me, tell me darling", G. Kancheli's "Little Imber" and "Amao Omi".

  • Svetlana Nikolaeva (mezzo soprano)

    orn in Kazakhstan, S. Nikolaeva graduated from conductor and vocal departments of Buzuluk music school (Orenburg region), later - Academy of Choral Art named after V. Popov. During studying she toured in Germany, France, Austria and Japan - not only as an artist of the choir, but also as a solo artist.

    She worked as a soloist in the Children's musical-drama theater named after N. Sats, later – in Boris Pevzner's Choir Theatre. Since 2010 S. Nikolaeva is working in Moscow Chamber Choir, where she immediately became one of the most sought-after soloists.

  • Elena Gridasova (mezzo soprano)

    E. Gridasova graduated from the State Academy of Theatrical Arts named after Lunacharsky (faculty of musical theater). From the second year of studying she has participated in productions of the Moscow Chamber Theater (director - Boris Pokrovsky).

    Beautiful mezzo-soprano enabled her to perform parts from Igor Stravinsky's "Les Noces", K. Weill's "The Seven Deadly Sins", C. Gluck's "Narcissus and Echo", P. I. Tchaikovsky's "Eugene Onegin" and others. Since 1991 E. Gridasova works in the Moscow Chamber Choir.

  • Borislav Molchanov (tenor)

    Borislav Molchanov graduated from Gnessin State Musical College (class of professor Lisowsky). Since 2005 he works in the Moscow Chamber Choir.

    With big success he has performed in many cities of Russia, in theaters and concert halls of Amsterdam and Padua, in Sweden, England, France, Germany, Spain, Austria, Holland and other countries.

  • Andrey Kryzhanovsky (bass)

    In 1995 A. Kryzhanovsky graduated from the Russian Academy of Music. Since 1988 he works in Moscow Chamber Choir.

    He performed solo parts in V. Titov's concert №8, N. Bovykin's gala concert, N. Diletsky's "Sunday Canon", P. I. Tchaikovsky's proclamation songs and S. Rakhmaninov's "Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom". At the Festival in Bregenz (Austria) he successfully performed Demetrius part in B. Martinu's "The Greek Passion" and played Inquisitor in his "Juliette" (as a guest artist).

  • Veronika Pogrebnaya-Lyalikova (Soprano)

    Artist of the Moscow Chamber Choir. Winner of international competitions. She graduated from the school of Galina Vishnevskaya.
    Performer of the role of Martha in “The Tsar's Bride” by N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov. Winner of the first prize in the competition in Italy. Performs solo parts in the choir.

  • Yulia Zolotaryova (soprano)

    Yulia Zolotaryova graduated from the Gnessin Music School (class of D. Vdovin) and Gnessin Russian Academy of Music (class of M. Miglau).

    Winner of the "Riccardo Zandonai" International Competition for Young Singers, where she was noticed by audience for her bright-tone voice. In Moscow State Academic Chamber Choir since 2007.

  • Margarita Petukhova (soprano)

    In 2014 M. Petukhova graduated from Donetsk State Music Academy named after S. Prokofiev (classes of academic singing and choral conducting).

    While studying she sang many solos: Musetta in G. Puccini's "La Boheme", Snow Maiden in N. Rimsky-Korsakov's "The Snow Maiden" and others.

Vocal coach, Conductor, choirmaster and accompanist

  • Natalia Gerasimova (Vocal coach)

    For twenty-two years - from 1971 to 1993 - Minin's Choir was her home, her large family with unique relationships. In this period collective performed in USA, Canada, Mexico, China, India, Vietnam, Korea, Italy, France, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Poland, Denmark, Netherlands and other countries. She participated in the premieres of G. Sviridov's "Pushkin's crown" and "Night Clouds", V. Gavrilin's "Chimes". She also performed G. Rossini's "Little solemn Mass" with Elena Obraztsova at the Grand Hall of the Moscow Conservatory.

  • Olga Slovesnova (choirmaster, choir artist)

    Olga Slovesnova graduated from the conducting and choral department of the Moscow State Institute named after Alfred Schnittke. Since 1993 she works in Moscow Chamber Choir. Audience remember her solo performance of "The Evening Music" from the choral symphony written by V. Gavrilin and "We are singing for you" from S. Rachmaninov’s "Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom".

  • Timofei Golberg (conductor, artistic director - since 2019)

    In September 2014 became the winner of the II degree IV at All-Russian competition of choral conductors named after V. Popov, in 2015 - winner of the I prize at II All-Russia Music Competition in the category "Choral Conducting" (Moscow), he also worked as conductor of the orchestra " Nizhny Novgorod Teachers ". Since 2016 - conductor of the Moscow State Academic Chamber Choir.

  • Elena Ilyina (concertmaster)

    Elena Ilyina graduated from the Novosibirsk State Conservatory named after Glinka. Moscow Chamber Choir's concertmaster since 1996, she has the highest qualification category. As accompanist and ensemblist she participated in many significant collective's performances with leading Russian and foreign orchestras under direction of V. Gergiev, V. Fedoseyev, M. Pletnyov, V. Spivakov and S. Sondeckis.

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