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  • 28.09.2020 Transfer and cancel concerts

    Actual info about transfer and cancel concerts of Moscow Chamber Choir

  • 28.09.2020 Concert by Sergei Leiferkus

    Look inside and watch the concert by Sergei Leiferkus in Minin choir Centre 14th September

  • 06.09.2020 Opening new season - ONLINE CONCERT!

    Watch here the first concert in the 2020/2021 season

  • 29.06.2020 New Clip of the Minin Choir

    We share with you this short clip on the “Porushka Paranya” song

  • 03.06.2020 The artists recorded a mini-cycle from the works of P.I. Tchaikovsky

    Our artists prepared mini-concert with some works by P.I. Tchaikovsky. It's ONLINE!


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  • "Minin never comes into conflict with the nature of work, wherever the music was composed. Just as a plant is taken with a piece of mother earth, Minin takes the work and “replants” it on Russian soil under the blessed rains of Russian choral school"
    Valery Gavrilin

  • "Minin’s choir has the rare feature to change the manner of playing music easily, whether it be a Baroque, classical, romantic or modern music, thus without any loss of own unique individuality. It’s a great victory!"
    Giya Kancheli

  • "Enthusiastically sensing of Vladimir Nikolayevich’s creative results, we don’t always see the gravity of his daily fight for perfection. Minin’s rehearsals are hard for everybody, but how easily, happily and fascinating it is at a concert."
    Saulus Sondetskis (Lithuania)

  • “Vladimir Minin managed to collect people in his choir, who are really capable to sing and to put one’s whole soul and desire into what they do”.
    Mikhail Pletnev

    “Numerously I found inspiration in Minin’s art... The impact here is incredible!”.
    Georgy Sviridov

  • "Vladimir Nikolaevich has the extraordinary power and subtle nuances of the soul. He is smart, demanding and infinitely talented. He works for the good of Russia and cares about traditions."
    Elena Obraztsova