The Bells by Sergey Rachmaninov

31 May 2020 г. | начало в 19:00
Tchaikovsky Concert Hall | Triumfalnaya Square, 4, Moscow
Playlist: The Bells by Sergey Rachmaninov
Minin-choir will perform “The Bells” (version for 2 pianos, choir & soloists) by Sergey Rachmaninov in Tchaikovsky Concert Hall (Moscow) 31th may. Concert start at 19:00. Petr Ermihov - conductor. The Bells – is the one of the greatest russian classical piece First World War era. There are a lot of anxiety and stress mood of XX century. Four poems are united by a common night color and an old Russian spiritual song leitmotif. In the base of “The Bells” the same name Edgar Po poem (in K. Balmonth translate). Music imitate the sound and structure ring of bells. The Bells were premiere in St. Petersburg 30 November 1913 with choir and soloists from Mariinsky theater. Sergey Rachmaninov conducted.