"War is pointless" - TRANSFERED FROM 2020

22 June 2021 г. | начало в 19:00
Zaradye Hall | st. 6 Varvarka, bld. 4, Moscow, 109012
Playlist: Sergei Rachmaninov, Gia Canchelli, Arvo Pärt, Samuel Barber, Dmitri Shostakovich
Minin choir will perform a new concert program in Zaradye Hall 22th June. Programm is called "War is pointless" (in 79th anniversary of The Great Patriotic War). Timofey Golberg - conductor.

In the first part of the concert audience will hear "Three Russian Songs" By Sergei Rachmaninov. This piece of music was created in 1926th - in the emigrant period life of Rachmaninov. Rachmaninov didn't write music for 10 years before this. "Three Russian Songs" concentrates the most important concepts of style innovation, which mark his next music pieces.

The first part of concert will contain "Amao Omi" by Gia Canchelli (for the mixed choir and quartet of saxophones) also.
In the second part of a concert audience will hear music by Dmitri Shostakovich ("Octet for String Orchestra" in performing of «Open sound orchestra») and Arvo Pärt - oratorio for mixed choir and string orchestra. This music was recorded Tõnu Kaljuste and won "Grammy" in 2010 (best choir performance).
The second part of the concert will contain "Adagio" by Samuel Barber. This piece of music BBC audience called the saddest piece of classical music.

Tickets on sale in the web site of Zaradye Hall

The concert starts at 19:00