Premiere of "Minin and Gaft" documentary film

Premiere of "Minin and Gaft" documentary film
March 10, at 00:30 on First channel there was a premiere of the documentary called "Minin and Gaft" in which famous actor and legendary choral conductor, authors of literary and musical composition "Tell me – Is he devil or God?...", talks about their lives during wartime and postwar years, the difficulties and the joys of creative way, faith and art.

Century global disasters, wars and monstrous kaleidoscope world of discoveries - so described the twentieth century in the late 1990s... Today we have the opportunity to evaluate the time of the Third Millennium - the example of the lives of two outstanding artists: Valentin Gaft and Vladimir Minin.

The idea to make a documentary film originated in 2013, when in the Concert Hall of the Tchaikovsky premiere literary and musical composition "Tell me – Is he devil or God?...". 60 anniversary of the death of Joseph Stalin again It revived the almost forgotten, was the discussion - who was he for the country?

Born with a difference of six years (V. Minin - 1929, V. Gaft - 1935), which seems huge only in childhood, in their arguments, views, very personal and candid memoirs decades later prominent artists are extremely close to each other.

This proximity is born before our very eyes, and sometimes it seems staged - so similar to their responses. Formation of identity and the formation of the artist - whether it is a choral conductor and a theater and cinema - took place against the background of almost a century of one country. And the most controversial figure in its history certainly was Stalin.

Two artists, skipping the world through his talent and heart, their experience of loss, lesions and instants of happiness, feeling their freedom today unifying wisdom, go to the creation of the song "Tell me – Is he devil or God? ..", without giving an answer.

Production - Moscow State Academic Chamber Choir, 2016
General producer - Alla Dubiler
Director - Alexey Burykin
Director of photography, producer - Oleg Kochubei