"Requiem" may be used only for peaceful purposes

"Requiem" may be used only for peaceful purposes
On the eve of two concertos with Moscow Chamber Choir and "Musica Viva" orchestra, National Opera of Ukraine soloists and Bolshoi Theatre's artist Alina Yarovaya told about their attitude to the program.

Photo: Dariya Knyazeva (mezzo-soprano), Nikolai Shulyak (tenor) and Sergei Kovnir (bass) during a rehearsal at Moscow Chamber Orchestra "Musica Viva" base (22 November 2015).

Nikolai Shulyak: "Requiem" may be used only for peaceful purposes"

We are very pleased that we were invited to work with great musicians under the direction of a truly legendary personality - we immediately responded to Vladimir Minin's invitation. There's a very good team, and I hope that we will present the National Opera of Ukraine at its best.

For me personally, it is an opportunity to find some new touches and interpretation: in the sound conducting, in the formation of melody ... it is a rarely performed work in Kiev, basically all prefer "Requiem" by Verdi and "Stabat Mater" by Rossini, - so I sure to draw something new for myself.

Unfortunately, in Europe, Mozart's works - is a timeless classic that is always meant to be heard on the radio and the stage, but today we pay more attention to modern music. Yet I am sure that "Requiem" will be listened by our children and our grandchildren - it is a bright, lofty art which may be used only for peaceful purposes. At one of the rehearsals Vladimir Minin paraphrase a famous quote: "When muses talk, guns are silent" – so, let it be. Weapons divides, but music unites!

Nikolai Shulyak – Honored artist of Ukraine, leading soloist of the National Opera of Ukraine named after Taras Shevchenko, winner of numerous vocal competitions (Czech Republic, Hungary, Ukraine, Uzbekistan). Finalist of Placido Domingo's international opera competition "Operalia" (Washington).

Sergey Kovnir: "In our time there's too many wars "

Mozart's "Requiem", which will be performed in Moscow, is dedicated to the victims of the terrorist attack on the board of A321, where both Russian and Ukrainian citizens were killed. I remember that I heard about this tragedy in the Netherlands, while I was on tour with the Kazan theater. Of course, it is insane grief, and the Ukrainian people share the pain of the Russians.

Unfortunately, in our time there's too many wars - in such conditions, "Requiem" simply can not lose its relevance ... It seems to me that in rehearsals with Maestro Minin, his remarkable chorus and Musica Viva orchestra, I managed to find the necessary paint, allowing to perform this work correctly.

Sergey Kovnir - Honored Artist of Ukraine, soloist of the National Opera of Ukraine named after Taras Shevchenko, winner of many international vocal competitions.

Alina Yarovaya: "We will wait for the angel's presence"

I think that music accompanies man in every manifestation of his soul – even in his sorrow. When trouble and despair are comes, inspiring music, set to the words of scripture – may be something that can support us in a difficult situation. Any church service is accompanied by singing, music and cheers. And today, in this not an easy time for everyone, we feel the need for spiritual music.

Previously, I had to work with artists of the National Opera of Ukraine, but would like to mention their high professionalism, however, I have no doubt in that - Ukrainian school has always valued good voices and appliances. And, of course, I'm very pleased to again be on the same stage with Vladimir Minin – He's a real master, that I admire.

Perhaps, "Requiem" is not the most easy for the perception, but this work is filled with a certain sense of purification. So, in these two concerts, we will wait for the angel's presence.

Alina Yarovaya - Honored Artist of the Republic of Dagestan, soloist of Bolshoi Theatre, diplomant of the Elena Obraztsova's International Competition for Young Opera Singers of Elena Obraztsova.

Interviewed by Ilya Marshak