Vladimir Minin: "Let the music make guns silent"

Vladimir Minin: "Let the music make guns silent"
Over two evenings Moscow Chamber Choir,"Musica Viva" orchestra, Bolshoi Theatre's soloist Alina Yarovaya and - for the first time - artists of the Ukrainian National Opera, will perform the most important of Mozart's works - "Requiem". Concerts, which will take place on November 24 in the Concert Hall of the Tchaikovsky and 25 November in the Hall named after S. Rachmaninov (Philharmonic-2), dedicated to the memory of victims of the terrorist attack on board of the A321 airbus. In anticipation of the concerts founder and permanent artistic director of the Moscow State Academic Chamber Choir Vladimir Minin told about the meaning of this program.

- In today's conditions performing of works such as "Requiem" can be perceived as a deeply personal statement. How important these two concerts for you?

- At one of the rehearsals, I recall the famous phrase: "When cannons speak, muses are silent", but we would like to perform music that make guns silent. It seems to me that there's so much stress in society, especially emotional, that every word which may serve to comfort the person, should sound. Now ife has led us to such disasters, then the soul of man is no longer able to accommodate the experience and patience. These concerts were designed to soften the human soul. Any Mass, Liturgy of Vespers, or - there is a desire to appeal to a man with such words and sounds, which can slightly lift it above the ordinary. And the very purpose of this musical form, developed more than three hundred years ago, must play a role. In addition, it seems to me that the audience that comes to this music, internally prepared for to get away from the room with a sense of elation over everyday life.

- You have invited soloists of the National Opera of Ukraine and Bolshoi Theatre's soloist Alina Yarovaya. Despite the fact that they are quite young, it is the artists who have a wealth of performing experience. How do you assess the results of your work together?

- For the execution of such works as "Requiem" need special aesthetics, requiring not only technical owning his own voice, but also understanding of the meaning. As is known, Russian vocal school was founded on the Italian school in Italy has always predominated sound, and we - meaning. There's a lot of empty singing everywhere, but Alina Yarovaya – is one who quite quickly grasp the stylistic demands, therefore work with neutron pleasure. As for the singers invitation from Kiev, I want to note that, firstly, in Ukraine have always been excellent voice! Secondly, the choice of soloists was due to new names. You can invite any number of singers, which the audience knows well, but always interesting to work with strangers you artists. Hopefully the first co-creation and their first performance in Moscow will be successful. But apart from "Requiem" will sound motet "Exsultate, Jubilate" performed by soloist of our choir - brilliant Evgenia Sorokina, and "Ave verum corpus" for choir and orchestra.

- In December Moscow Chamber Choir is going on tour dedicated to of Georgi Sviridov's 100th anniversary. What do you expect from this tour?

- I'm going on tour with great pleasure, because Kemerovo, Tomsk and Seversk are cities in which our choir performed, but for a long time, and I wonder how our performance is now perceive. The program in each city will be different, but will feature Georgy Sviridov's works everywhere. For example, our soloist Ivan Scherbatykh will perform "Icon" - an essay, which sounds extremely rare. This unhurried meditation music - what Stanislavski called "public solitude". If we can achieve this effect, I will be very happy.

- In April will be the premiere of Yuri Sherling's oratorio called "Exodus" - what can you tell us about this work?

- As the name suggests, it is based laid down biblical oratorio tradition of a mass exodus of Jews from Egypt. The most complete impression at the moment it is difficult to articulate, but it seems to me that this is a very interesting music in which human emotion, character, events may occur more fully. I think that the work of Rumer will be a success.

- Could you articulate - what are your art's purposes?

- If it was possible to refine human nature with the art, I would consider that my mission is accomplished.

Interviewed by Ilya Marshak