Way home

Way home
Way home
First chapter

Any step is a giant achievement for someone.
And vice versa: any achievement to others – it is just another small (or not very) step, an evident event. But it’s only from the outside, only if you do not know the truth.
If your achievement for everybody is just a logical conclusion of what has been started, then everything is right and the work has really been done perfectly.

Moscow. Historical district. The mansion of the late 19th century. Everything as it should be – with a fence and its own territory.

Finally the Choir has its own home. November 2, 2017 the opening was held.
Ball, music, guests, dresses, chic interiors, magic voices. Today everything here is thought out: marble fireplaces with candelabrums similar to candlesticks, columns and pilasters, oak windows' frames with amazing fittings. Even the historical pattern of the parquet has been restored. Lamps and chandeliers with an uncountable number of lightbulbs, mirrors and black glossy grand pianos, so magically and unpredictably reflecting the light. In a word - the Palace.

 The Choir, who was applauded in the best concert halls of the world, finally has performed on its own territory.

Do the present and all the future guests of the new capital's Cultural Center
"MININ-CHOIR", witnesses of today’s solemnity, elegance and well-being – do they know how long and complicated was this way home? In what conditions were formed these pure taste and mesmerizing voices?

To be continued