Season 2018/2019 is closed. Holiday start!

Moscow Chamber Choir closed the season 2018/2019 in performing the concert Cupala’s Songs. In this concert, we mixed scores by V. Gavrilin, G. Sviridov, traditional cupala’s songs, ethno-fusion track by “Jerela” group.

Look at the photo from the concert here.

In next season:

Moscow Chamber choir will be involved in XVII festival of arts - "Transformation". The artists of the choir with the philharmonic orchestra from Yaroslavl will sing the mess by Edward Artemiev  - Nine steps to Transfiguration, which created and premiered in October 2018. Conductor – Murad Annamamedov. 

Moscow Chamber Choir will perform «Ten poems to poems by revolutionary poets» by Dmitri Shostakovich 25th September in XI Festival Russian National Orchestra. Mikhail Pletnev will be conductor this concert. 

Moscow Chamber Choir will perform the fragments of Divine Liturgy of Saint John Chrysostom by Sergei Rachmaninoff in Moscow International House of Music 23th October. Vladimir Minin will be conducting the choir.

Edvard Radzinsky will be reading his own play called “Mozart’s riddle” in the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall 2th November. Moscow Chamber Choir will take a part at the concert.