Rodion Shchedrin. Dead Souls (1977)

Rodion Shchedrin. Dead Souls (1977)
Operatic Scenes after the Epic Poem by Nikolai Gogol in 3 Acts. Libretto by R. Shchedrin

CD 1

Act 1
1. Introduction
2. Lunch at the Procurator's (decimetto)
3. The Road (quintet)
4. Manilov
                                                5. A Pot-Holed Road
                                                6. Korobochka
                                                7. Songs
                                                8. Nozdryov
                                                Act 2
                                                9. Sobakevich
                                                10. Selifan the Coachman (quartet)
                                                11. Plyushkin

                                                CD 2

                                                Act 2
                                                1. The Soldier's Mother's Lament
                                                2. The Governor's Ball
                                                Act 3
                                                3. Introduction
                                                4. Chichikov
                                                5. Two Ladies (duet)
                                                6. Gossip around Town (common ensemble)
                                                7. Mourning the Procurator
                                                8. Scene and Finale (quintet)

Recorded in 1977, sound engineer - S. Pazukhin

Alexander Voroschilo (bariton), Vladislav Pyavko (tenor), Larisa Avdeyeva (mezzo-soprano), Boris Morozov (bass), Galina Borisova (mezzo-soprano), Vitaly Vlasov (tenor)

Soloists, choir and orchestra of the USSR State Academic Bolshoi Theater
Choirmasters: Igor Agafonnikov, Stanislav Gusev, Alexander Rybnov

Moscow State Academic Chamber Choir
Conductor – Vladimir Minin

Soloists of All-Union Radio and television Academic choir of Russian song
Conductor – Yuri Temirkanov