Vladimir Minin - 70. Jubilee Concert (1999)

Vladimir Minin - 70. Jubilee Concert (1999)

Georgy Sviridov. A poem in memory of Sergei Yesenin (for soloist and chorus, on the words by S.Yesenin)

1. My Abandoned Land
2. Winter is Singing
3. In the Land Where Nettle is Yellow
4. Threshing
5. Midsummer Night
6. Midsummer Night (continued)
                                                7. 1919...
                                                8. Peasant Guys
                                                9. I Am the Last Poet of the Village
                                               10. The Sky is Like a Bell

Musical greeting from the Orchestra

State Academic Symphony Orchestra named after P. I. Tchaikovsky, artistic director and chief conductor - People's Artist of the USSR Vladimir Fedoseyev;
Moscow State Chamber Choir, Artistic director and chief conductor - People's Artist of USSR, laureate of the State Prize, Professor Vladimir Minin;
Soloist - Valentin Sukhodolets;
Conductor - Vladimir Minin;
Leader of the concert - Honored Artist of Russia Svyatoslav Belza

CD 2

1. S. Belza about Vladimir Minin's creative path
2-3. A. Gretchaninov. "I Believe" (Soloist - People's Artist of Russia Sergei Baikov)
4. Congratulations from Patriarch of Moscow and All-Russia Alexy II
5. "Long Live"
6-7. S. Taneyev. "From Land to Land" (words by F. Tyutchev)
8. Congratulations from Russian Minister of Culture V. K. Egorov
9. Congratulations from Moscow Committee of Culture chairman I. B. Bugaev
10-11. Congratulations from children's choral studio "Spring" (artistic director - Alexander Ponomarev, conductor - Nadezhda Averina). Vladimir Rubin. "Over the Great Moscow"
12. V. Rubin. "For Whose We Are Singing"
13. Congratulations from the Russian Cultural Foundation vice president Tatiana Shumova
14. G. Sviridov. Two fragments from "Pushkin's Garland"
15. They Are Sounding Reveille (soloists: People's Artist of Russia Sergei Baikov and Valentina Nesterova)
16. "The White-Flanked Chirruped" (Soloist - Honoured Artist of Russia Lolita Semenina)
17. Congratulations from President of the International Union of Musicians, People's Artist of the USSR Irina Arkhipova
18. Caccini. "Ave Maria" (performed by Irina Arkhipova, solo trumpet - V. E. Fomin, organ - I. Goldenberg)
19. Congratulations from the head of the Kuban Cossack Choir, People's Artist of Russia Viktor Zakharchenko
20. "Poor Little Bird Sitting in a cage" (soloist - Natalia Guba)
21-22. Shervani Chalaev. "Lakia Country" (soloist - author)
23. Greeting from Vladimir Spivakov
24-25. D. Shostakovich. Dance from "The Golden Age" ballet (performed by R. Shiroevsky)

CD 3

1. V.Gavrilin. Three fragments from choral symphony "Chimes"
2. "Ti-ri-ri"
3. "Evening Music" (soloists: Veronica Dumpe, Nadezhda Demchenko and Olga Slovesnova)
4. "Awful Woman"
5. Congratulations from Gnessin Academy of Music rector S. M. Kolobkova
6-7. V. Horowitz's fantasia on themes from Bizet's "Carmen" (performed by Honored Artist of Russia Vladimir Kuleshov)
8-11. Congratulations from Russian MOI ensemble, artistic director - People's Artist of Russia, Major-General Viktor Eliseev
12-13. B. Mokrousov. "Lonely Accordion" (words by Mikhail Isakovsky, soloist - Michael Falk, bayan - A. Antonov and D. Beloselsky)
14-15. M. Fradkin "Song about Love" (words by N. Dorizo, soloists: L. Slepneva and L. Semenina)
16-17. Congratulations from Academic Russian Folk Orchestra, artistic Director - People's Artist of the USSR Nikolai Nekrasov
18-19. Greetings from People's Artist of the USSR Iosif Kobzon
20. Russian folk song "Here Lives my Joy" (performed by I. Kobzon)
21-22. Y. Frenkel. "Cranes" (words by R.Gamzatov, performed by I. Kobzon)
23. Russian folk song "The Peddlers" (performed by I. Kobzon)
24. Thanks words from Vladimir Minin
25. "Long Live" (conductor - Honored Artist of Russia Vladimir Urman, soloist - Honored Artist of Russia Vladimir Smirnov, choirmaster: Honored Artist of Russia Leonid Zhovanik, O. Slovesnova, A. Koltsov, A. Soloviev, concertmaster - Elena Ilyina)

Sound engineer - V. Skobtsov