Vladimir Minin - 75 (2004)

Vladimir Minin - 75 (2004)
"...There is only one rule – your audience is always right! They may fail to understand what you meant but they always know whether you are sincere or not. If you beat their nerve you can perform as you wish, if you are not in tune with there inner depths you are doomed to failure (V. Minin)".

Official CD of evening devoted to the 75th anniversary of Vladimir Minin - founder and artistic director of the Moscow State Chamber Choir.

CD 1

1. Introduction
2. Alla Dubilyer
Three fragments from Concerto for chorus "Pushkin’s Garland" (G. Sviridov)
3. Natasha
4. They are Sounding Reveille
Dmitry Beloselsky, solo bass
Irina Voronina, solo soprano
Elena Gridasova, mezzo-soprano
5. Raise Thee, Timid One
Eugenia Sorokina, solo soprano
Irina Nikolskaya, solo mezzo-soprano
6. Congratulations from the Minister of Culture of Russian Federation Mikhail Shvydkoy
7. Alla Dubilyer
8. Demons, Winter Road (A. Pushkin)
Reading by Alla Demidova
9. Great Doxology (А. Strumsky)
Paata Burchuladze, solo bass
10. Congratulations from the diocesan Krasnogorsky Savva, vicar of Moscow Eparchy
11. We Bless Thee (S. Rachmaninov)
Eugenia Sorokina, solo soprano

CD 2

1. Alla Dubilyer
2. West Side Story (L. Bernstein, suite from the musical)
Eugenia Sorokina, solo soprano
Svetlana Yourasova, solo mezzo-soprano
Alexander Solovyev, solo tenor
Sergey Samoylov, solo tenor
Dmitry Beloselsky, solo bass
Elena Ilyina, piano
Yury Golubev, contrabass
Yury Gridasov, drums
Conductor - Alexander Solovyev
3. Congratulations from the Chairman of the Committee of Culture of the Moscow Government Sergey Hudyakov
4. Congratulations from the Chief Conductor of Big Symphony Orchestra named after P. I. Tchaikovsky Vladimir Fedoseev
5. Drinking Song (G. Sviridov, from music to performance "Don Seizer de Bezant")
Dmitry Beloselsky, solo bass
Conductor - Vladimir Fedoseev
6. Tales of Vienna Forest (J. Strauss, arrangement for choir by A. Viskov)
Tatyana Kuindji, solo soprano
Elena Ilyina, piano
7. Hallelujah (E. Podhayz, fragment from Spring Cantata)
Child’s choir "Vesna", artistic director and conductor - Alexander Ponomarev
Two fragments from symphonic miracle-play "Chimes" (V. Gavrilin)
8. Sit-round Gathering
Svetlana Chelaeva, solo mezzo-soprano
9. Awful Woman
10. The Scene of Perikola’s Inebriation (J. Offenbach, operetta "Perikola")
Elena Obraztsova, solo soprano
Vazja Chachava, piano
11. Summertime (G. Gershwin "Porgy and Bess")
Elena Obraztsova, solo soprano
Elena Ilyina, piano
Yury Golubev, contrabass
Yury Gridasov, drums
12. Michelle (P. McCartney, J. Lennon, arrangement for choir by M. Serkov)
Conductor - Alexander Soloviev
13. Congratulations from the Moscow State Chamber Choir
14. Vladimir Minin’s Speech
15. Our Life is Too Short (Old Student’s Song)
Dmitry Beloselsky, solo bass
16. Long Live
Dmitry Beloselsky, solo bass

Recorded from broadcasting on February 18, 2004