About us


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Our collective's full name is The Moscow State Academic Chamber Choir, but musicians and audience called us simple – "Minin's Choir".

In these two words - the quintessence of more than four decades of Maestro Minin's tireless work.

Choir's repertoire includes works of different genres: from folk songs to contemporary music, from Baroque to popular musicals and operas.

Collective tours in Russia and in dozens of countries all around the world.

Premieres in each concert season.

Performing with the best orchestras, Russian and world opera stars.

Perfect artistic taste and stylistic precision!

Constant search and innovation!

The fifth generation of artists!

Moscow Chamber Choir's discography contains more than 30 albums.

In 2011, the broadcasting company NHK recorded the "The Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom" (2011) and "All-Night Vigil" (2013) and named these works reference.

“The biggest achievement in the sound of the Moscow Chamber Choir is its unique, original flexibility. The Choir under V. N. Minin supervision is possessed of rare qualities to change the manner of a performance easily, whether it be a Baroque, classical, romantic or modern music, thus without any loss of own unique individuality. It's the great victory when the whole team has this individuality, that is achieved by the persistent, relentless, creative effort of its supervisor, permanently, even in the moments of loneliness thinking about it, living with the sound of this Choir.

Giya Kancheli 

“The cooperation with Vladimir Minin's Moscow Chamber Choir is always a pleasure for me. Minin's Choir constantly brings surprise and pleasure. Every our meeting is always like a discovery, which can be achieved in the sound and that I had not thought before. Vladimir Minin managed to collect the people in his collective, who are capable to sing and to put one's whole soul into their work.”

Mikhail Pletnev,
Founder & Artistic Director 
of the Russian National Orchestra

“The cooperation with the Moscow Chamber Choir always was a great pleasure for me. Many festival performances cannot be imagined without its unique sound and without its presence on the stage. Of course, I remember with a special pleasure our co-production: Martinu's opera “The Greek Passion”, Rimsky-Korsakov's “The Golden Cockerel” and Nielsen's “Masquerade”. Thanks to it, I had an opportunity to estimate at it´s true worth the highest level of Choir´s performance and its ability to work on the stage in a variety of situations".

David Pauntny,
Director, Intendant of the Bregenz
Festival (Austria)