Let us never forget the word "Together"!

Let us never forget the word "Together"!
On September 2, 2016, Moscow State Chamber Choir will perform in the Childrens' music school named after K. N. Igumnov (Moscow, Pokrovka street, 39, bld. 3) with a program devoted to the World day of solidarity in the fight against terrorism.

The tragic events in Beslan on 1-3 September 2004, in which 314 people (including 186 children) were killed, became a terrible symbol of terror, a symbol of life there human's life, especially innocent children's life, is a technology that generating fear, death and enduring pain.

Moscow chamber choir's "The Ring of Sunshine" program was made by electing the Sun as a symbol of light and life. The meaning and promise of this concert may be found in famous Russian poet Eugene Evtushenko's words: "If we have children that still alive, let us never forget the word "Together".

The program will feature excerpts from the Haydn's famous "Mass of the war", Valery Gavrilin's "Chimes", songs in Ossetian, Mordovian and Ukrainian languages, music by K. Molchanov, E. Esenvalds. This concert in the framework of the "Minin's Choir for children" opens Choir's anniversary season - in April, 2017, the collective marks 45 years of age.

Conductor - Timofei Golberg - winner of Conducting Competition (2015), who works in the Moscow Chamber Choir since August, 2016.